Mr. Powell is a true innovator in the teaching of history. From his course, I am learning history for the first time.
                  -Jason Crawford, Seattle, WA

An outstanding course! This is the history course that we all should have had in school. Scott crafts the facts of western history into a narrative story in which every event leads compellingly (and causally) to the next. History is finally making sense to me.
                  -Rob Stevens, Toronto, ON

Scott Powell's lucid presentation of the essentials of American history has helped me better understand America today, as well as given me a framework for more detailed study. I eagerly await his next two courses.
                  -Diana Hsieh, of NoodleFood

I love a good story. Dashing heros, evil villains, grueling toil, elating victories... history is full of the greatest stories and, even better, they're real and relevant! Of course, there are all those dates and there are so many details; it can be incredibly boring, tedious, and confusing without a good teacher. Scott is more than a good teacher, he is a virtuoso. He presents the tale with just the right level of detail to make it both interesting and accessible. The end product is a beautiful hierarchy that can be filled in with as much subtlety as you want. I can't tell you what a flush of pleasure it is to finally have a clue about history. This is my first glimpse of history as more than a bunch of great, yet poorly connected stories. What a treasure it is to firmly grasp the framework of the past with all its logical connections to both the present and the future.                   -Rachel Miner, Seattle, WA

Scott's contagious enthusiasm and rational approach to explaining history's importance in our lives today have infused a new perspective into the way I relate to and judge the events, places, and people around me - in this world, right now. It's amazing that a lecture-based class with little to no homework can teach more about history than all the directionless lectures, essays, and memorizations that were force-fed to so many of us as children, but this class does just that and, consequently, has resulted in my first true understanding of American History and this great nation we call the United States.
                  -Mary Michael T., Boston, MA

Scott is a very enthusiastic lecturer, and is obviously also very knowleagble. What I find especially valuable about the class is the uniquely efficient method of essentialization used in the presentation. The "causal narrative" does render the story that much more manageable. I'm looking forward to acquiring a far more useful knowledge of history than I ever have.
                  -Tom Dungey, Houston, TX

Scott's class rules and we'd recommend it to anyone!!! We love it. When he opens his diet root beer, we know it's time to rock! So, get your pencil and paper and join this fantastic class!

Scott Powell brings to "A First History for Adults" the same breadth of knowledge, innovation in method, enthusiasm, and charm that have made him so successful as a history teacher at VanDamme Academy. If you want the education in history you should have received as a child, this course is the best place I know of to get it.
                  -Lisa VanDamme, Orange County, CA

Each week I look forward to Monday evenings when I have Scott Powell's First History for Adults class. I am finally learning what I never did in high school or college- history's exciting causal narrative. Scott's curriculum and method make it easy to remember and understand important events. He clearly links these events to one another, which makes history the important and intersting story that it is. He chooses the perfect amount of material to present each class so that I feel challenged but not overwhelmed, and his obvious enthusiasm and personal connection to the content make it a joy to learn from him.
                  -Elizabeth O'Brien, Orange County, CA

If you have always wanted to understand history as an integrated whole, then join Scott Powell in his "A First History for Adults." It would be a steal at twice the price!
                  -Michael Migawa, Carlsbad, CA

With its focus on the people, ideas, and events that have shaped our country, this course is providing me with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the present, and in doing so, exposes the value of studying history. Pursuing this value with the guidance of someone who exalts all that makes this country great is inspiring and truly a pleasure.
                  -David O'Brien, Orange County, CA

In school, I could barely rouse myself to care about the major events in human history, because the presentation of the subject was so boring. Now, I perch on the edge of my chair waiting to find out if the Portuguese will succeed in sailing around the Cape of Good Hope, in an essential step on the path to discovering America. The difference is that Scott is a lively, lucid lecturer, presenting a philosophically integrated program, and his passion for the subject is contagious.
                  -Kate Williams, Toronto, ON

Each of Scott's lectures is a story about heroic men performing heroic deeds. It keeps me more thrilled than any movie. And each lecture is causally linked, and gives me the possibility to really understand history.
                  -Petter Sandstad, Norway

Scott's course has acted as an amazing time-saver for me! Scott does all the work, sifts through hundreds of books, chooses the essentials and presents them in the form of a fascinating integrated story. And I reap all the benefits! Thanks!!
                  -Sharon Powell, Orange County, CA

"A First History for Adults" is amazing. Do yourself a favor and take this course.
                  -Ezekiel Zabrowski, Las Vegas, NV

The best history teacher Id had, prior to Scott Powell, taught history through logically structured stories that presented the essential facts. Names and dates became interesting because they were important to the story. Scott definitely presents history in the same essentialized manner. But he adds a dimension which I have never experienced in a history course before. He provides the motivation. Not only do I know that what Im learning will become a sum of logically connected facts, but I also understand why we are studying these stories and these facts.
                  -Luc Travers, Orange County, CA

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